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The Players Workshop annual general membership business meeting and election of new members to the board of directors will be held June 24, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. in the auditorium of the workshop.

Because of the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, those attending will be required to maintain social distancing and to wear masks.

Also, because some members of PW may be uncomfortable with person-to-person interaction, even in a venue as large as the PW auditorium, for the first time absentee ballots will be allowed; however, there is a restriction.

Since the PW by-laws do not allow proxy voting, a mail-in ballot will be counted only if the person who sent in the ballot also attends the meeting online via ZOOM! Those wishing to take advantage of this should contact Kent Lewis (, who will explain how a ZOOM meeting works and arrange for the member’s attendance via ZOOM on June 24.

In addition, proposed changes to the Players Workshop by-laws will be presented to members, for voting. Election of the president will also occur.

Only dues-paying Players Workshop members may vote on any matter presented to the general membership; however, anyone interested in learning more about Players Workshop is welcome to attend the meeting. For more information, contact Pres. Mary Fox.


Although the board of directors has selected a season of shows for 2020-21, they are still wrestling with how to handle the theatrical season in a time of pandemic restrictions and guidelines.

They will announce their final decision after the July board meeting. They are grateful to the Players Workshop patrons for their patience in this matter.


The Youth Actors Theater’s summer production of the musical Aladdin, Jr. is another victim of the virus pandemic. Citing health concerns, the PW board is postponing the production until July of 2021.



(1) The House & Grounds Committee is looking for operational, flat screen TV’s (22” to 40”) for the Workshop, to be put in areas where actors/crew need a clear view of the stage when they are not on the stage itself;  Contact Gene  at 319-759-2655.
(2) The Archives Committee is looking for copies of the following PW newsletters: Dec. 1982; Aug.-Jan. plus March, 1983-84; Jul./Aug., 1987;  all from 1988-89 season through 1997-98 season; May/Jun., 1999.  If anyone has copies, please contact Mary Krohlow.



Past Backstage Pass Newsletters



Funds are being raised for flat roof and gutter replacement at the Players Workshop. Cost of the project will be $20,000 with the low bid having come from Armour Roofing. Garage sale and artwork raffles have provided a foundation for the Roofing Fund but much more is needed. Contributions will be accepted by Chris Parry, Mary Krohlow and Mary Fox.

Honorary Supporting Cast

Thus far for the 2019-20 season includes contributors at the Supporting Actor level: Kenneth McNeil, KILJ, Kadie & Evan Johannson, Fred & Martha Wetzel, Christopher & Christa Parry, Mary Fox, and Kevin & Jayne Gobble. At the Stage Crew level are: Jane Gustafson, Libba Flores in memory of Dr. & Mrs. Friday, A Next Degree Communication Company, Gloria Warner, Barbara Drozdz in memory of Jim Drozdz, Carol Reed in memory of Lewis H. Reed, and John Toney. At the Usher level: Lois A. Close, John & Lisa Pomberg, Donna & Jan Logan, and Char James in memory of Don Hillard.

More Tidbits from the Archives: Lest We Forget

Sponsors have played a key role in the successful operation of Players Workshop since 1974. Although their names may have changed since then, five of these original sponsors remain loyal today, 46 years later. They are The Ahrolds, Prugh Funeral Service, Two Rivers Bank and Trust, Two Rivers Insurance, and Winegard.
Two sponsors who began in 1974, continued for more than 40 years. Another dozen have been sponsors for more than 20 years but were not quite in on the beginning: American Visions Travel, Beames Welding & Repair, David Beckman, Philip & Dr. Debbie Mosley Nelson, Dr. Jeff Pence, Dr. Michael Bush, Farmers & Merchants Bank & Trust, Greg Miller /LPL, Klingner & Associates, Rheinschmidt’s Flooring America, Standard of Beaverdale, and Larry & Linda Turley.
The remaining sponsors range from 18 years of sponsorship to a couple who are in their first year.
BRAVO & THANKS to all of our sponsors!!!

Membership is a term that could use a bit of definition. The Players Workshop By-Laws define members, in part, as being those who pay membership dues, which in turn requires active participation in the operation. The annual meeting quorum requirement is 25% of these active members – a relatively low bar.
Season tickets, on the other hand, reference ‘Season Membership.’
While it is uncertain as to when this two-pronged membership concept began, an article in the August 27, 1956 Hawk Eye, with Marianne Ahrold providing information about the coming season, explains:
“Memberships in the Players Workshop are of two types: General, for those who wish only to see the plays, and active, for those who wish to become a working part of the producing group, either as actors, directors, scenic artists, property and costume help, or house management people.”
Active members, season members, and sponsors are all crucial to the operation of Players Workshop.

After 20 years as editor of the Players Workshop newsletter, Mary Krohlow is handing the reins to Bonnie Downes and Rebecca Teater who will publish it beginning in 2020. The very first newsletter appeared in May of 1980. PW is missing a number of newsletters from the first two decades. If you have any, please let Mary Krohlow know.

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