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            Congrats to a talented cast-- Micah Stewart, Kelsey Bush, Paul Elledge, Eric Folkers, JoJo Johnson, and Karen Cahill-- & crew--Carol Hinkle, Christine Claeys, Linda Garwood, Robbin & Steve Poling, Marlene Holsteen, Kent Lewis, Al & Cyndy Fabel, Randy Wischmeier, Eric Smith, Patrick Fee, Chris Hinkle, and Starr Sattler, who opened PW’s 2021-2022 season with a successful presentation of Ken Ludwig’s comedy A Fox on the Fairway.

            It was a great way to start the season!



            Players Workshop has received donations from the following since the last issue of The Backstage Pass: Bettie Raines + Chip Readinger; Lois Close, Chery Kos- mann, Bryan & Margaret Close, + Marti & Pat Walsh, all in memory of Carolyn Bouquet; Chris Kelly and family + Pat Mayle, in memory of Mary Ann Kelly; Olive Sullivan in memory of Susan Diehl;


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            Thank you to the following who have joined Players Workshop Honorary Supporting Cast for 2021-2022:


         Kyle Warren Ahrold

         John Gram

     Supporting Actor


         David Beckman-Beckman Law

         Bonnie Downes

         Mary Fox

         Kevin & Jayne Gobble

         Wayne & Colleen Heibner

         Judy Johnson

         Chip & Dana Readinger

     Stage Crew

         Mrs. Donald Allgood

         Chad & Sally Bird

         Dick & Vicki Dillon

         Alice Hillyer

         Earl & Peggy Stott


         Lois Close

         Harry & Linda Hoenig

         Donna & Jan Logan

            Their gifts will be recognized in The Backstage Pass, in each play program, and on the PW website.

            For more information on how to join, go to the PW website or contact PW Pres. Mary Fox ( or at 319-750-6046).

            “Community is the most important part of Community Theatre.”

            To that end, Players Workshop invites you to support your local community theater by joining its Honorary Supporting Cast and making a one-time financial   

            donation for the 2021-2022 season.

            Six donor levels are available:

            Usher                           $25--$99

            Stage Crew                $100--$249

            Supporting Cast         $250--$499

            Star                             $500--$999

            Director                   $1,000--$2,499

            Producer                  $2,500 +.

            Your gift will be recognized in The Backstage Pass, in each play program, and on the PW website (unless you request anonymity).

            A brochure containing information about the Honorary Supporting Cast and a special application form for joining (not the same donation form as in the newsletter) will be available in your next play program, is available now on the PW website, or you may contact PW Pres. Mary Fox ( or at 319-750-6046).    


            Now in his second year as a member of PW’s Board of Directors, Duane Hartman, a driver’s license supervisor in Burlington/Ottumwa, came to PW when his daughter was cast in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (he even ended up playing one of the firemen).  He said “I liked seeing the joy the kids had on their faces.  . . . I wanted to be a part of creating this joy for the kids and adults through any way I could.”

            That is one reason he is on the youth theater committee. He believes in fostering creativity in kids, and feels bringing more kids to the theatrical experience now, will, ultimately, ensure the future of the theater.

             He is also on the house and grounds committee; he wants to help maintain and modernize the theatre “to make sure it is around for future generations to enjoy.”

            As for other pursuits, Duane is an avid Cubs and Hawkeyes fan, enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, challenging himself with home improvements, and co-directing the Puppet of Praise at his church.

            A self-proclaimed “people pleaser,”
Duane admits he struggles with saying “no.” PW feels very lucky that Duane didn’t say “no” to them.


            Locating, digitizing, and identifying of PW photos, programs, posters, newsletters, minutes, etc., has been a focus of the archive committee for a number of years.  In addition to making these accessible electronically, hard copies have also been retained.  Currently, they are trying to find missing play programs and promotional posters from past PW performances.

            They are asking for help locating copies (sometimes multiple) of the following play programs:

6 RMS RIV VU (1980)

Death and Taxes (2012)

Tabloid, the Musical (2004)

She Was Only a Farmer’s Daughter (1996)

Girls Only (2011)

The Homecoming (1970)

Sandbox/No Exit (1966)

It’s a Trick (1934)

Medea (1968)

Black Comedy (1973)

Greater Tuna (1994)

Oliver (1993)

The Music Man (2008)

The Cardigans (2006)

Plaid Tidings (2010)

I Hate Hamlet (2005)

A Nice Family Gathering (2009)

84 Charing Cross Road (1990)

Brighton Beach Memoirs (1987)

Catch Me If You Can (1984)

Same Time, Next Year (1984)

Sex Please, We’re Sixty (2013)

The Farndale Christmas Carol (1998)

Sorry! Wrong Chimney (2000)

            Second, the committee  needs the following play posters, to fill in the archival gaps:

Flaminog Court (2012)

Over the River and Through the Woods (2003)

The Farndale Christmas Carol, A Traveling Travesty (1998)

Annie (1995)

A Christmas Carol (1992)

1940’s Radio Hour (1988)

Sherlock Holmes (1987)

Squabbles (1986(

Something’s Afoot (1985)

Same Time, Next Year (1984)

Harvey (1984)

Arsenic and Old Lace (1981)

            Please contact Mary Krohlow (319-752-8501 or if you have any of these items or know where they can be found.

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