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Honorary Supporting Cast

The Honorary Supporting Cast of Players Workshop is a list of people who make a one-time donation which will be acknowledged in each newsletter and play program of 2023-2024 and will also be acknowledged on the website. Donations may be made in one of the following categories:
Usher $25-$99
Stage Crew $100-$249
Supporting Actor $250-$499
Star $500-$999
Director $1000-$2499
Producer $2500+

The latest list of individuals to join the new Honorary Supporting Cast as of the last issue of The Backstage Pass, are:


Dr. Nathan & Stephanie Heubner

Supporting Actor
Bonnie Downes
John Hart - Edward Jones
Mary Fox
Kevin & Jayne Gobble
Colleen Heibner
Kadie & Evan Johannson
Kenneth McNeil
Christopher & Christa Parry
River Ridge Dental Care Dr. Nathan Heubner
Fred & Martha Wetzel

Stage Crew
A Next Degree Communication Company
Laura Arms
Michael & Beth Ash
Dan & Kathy Cahill
Barbara Drodz
Libba Flores
Chuck & Ellen Fuller
Jane Gustafson
Bettina Jones
Donna & Jan Logan
Linda Messer
Sandy Murphy
Milton & Laurine Paule
Carol Reed
Rita Vinyard
John Toney
Gloria Warner

Lois Close (in memory of Elsie McLaughlin)
Lois Close
Carol Dupuis
Robert Haines
Harry & Linda Hoenig
Marlene & Keith Holsteen (in mem. of David Miller)
Char James
Donna & Jan Logan
John & Lisa Pomberg
Nancy Purchase
Betty Raines
Duane & Bev Sherbondy
Peggy & Earl Stott
Kay Wilson
You may join the Honorary Supporting Cast by clicking the donate button at the top of this page or filling out the form in your play program.

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